About 39 7 ●

The idea of Thirtynine Seven was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2008 when Marquel’s grandmother and dad both passed away. He refers to 2008 as his “leap year” – when he took a leap of faith. From 2008 to 2014, Marquel focused on building his brand and making clothes while simultaneously holding down a 9- 5. In 2015, he officially launched Thirtynine Seven, focusing completely on the brand.

Thirtynine Seven is not a random number but purposeful; 39– a number Marquel and his family always see that represents his beloved father. 7– a number that represents intuition and inner wisdom. Inspired by 24-7, Thirtynine Seven represents an always present force that pushes Marquel to realize his purpose. His overall vision? To build a global fashion brand that crosses into lifestyle, home goods and beyond, leaving a legacy that makes his family proud.